We hear ‘fair luck,’ ‘he is a fortunate little fella’ or, on a regular basis, ‘wish me luck,’ but some people contend that there is nothing like luck or just luck. However, the truth remains that there are distinct – and often common – convictions around good fortune all around the world, situs judi bola which most much revolve about those fortunate creatures. Ready to go around the world and learn more about fortunate animals in various cultures? So pack your luggage, just let’s go! We picked seven of them. indo kasino 1bet2u

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Even in the Western (mainly English and North American) culture, when you wake up for good luck on the first day of the month, it is common to say first thing “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit” And, of course, the rabbit’s feet are like an amulet to bring good luck. This conviction persists around the world – from Europe to China to Africa and to America. Sadly we cannot give you the foot of a rabbit, but we can still lead you to one of the most quality white rabbit slots – the white rabbit slot Big Time Gaming and wish you all the chance.

Fish Of Gold

The goldfish next up! Next up! Your first reaction when you hear ‘goldfish’ may be short-sightedness, but vitality and abundance should also be. It is one of the eight holy images of Buddha, and it is considered as a charm of good luck all over the world but especially in South Europe. The goldfish was thought to offer good luck in ties and marriages to ancient Greece.

In Slavic stories, if captured, the goldfish would fulfil your wishes – three of them, too! And if we talk about online slots, and we always talk about slots – Yggdrasil Gaming’s Golden Tank slot has lucky fish too. We’re always dreaming about slots. Watch out for a whirl?


For different causes, Frogs are considered fortunate, but mostly because they are related to rain. And why is rain fortunate? Well, it’s very simple; plants thrive when it rains and there is no hunger and therefore no happiness for humans. In countries like China and Japan, the frog is included among other representations of good luck. Besides the plants’ growing rain and abundance, the frog is a sign of fertility and healthy journeys as well. 


Now, here’s a well-known fortunate cat. In different cultures and religious sectors, elephants  are a sign of good luck, but above all in Buddhism and India, or rather the Indian god Ganesh. 

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People who regard elephants as their good luck charms will put statues and figures all over their homes and they are supposed to offer wealth, security, marriage, fertility, and academic achievement, depending on their location in the space. Casino Why not go to the Pink Elephants Slot by Thunder kick to try your luck with elephants?


 Not only were they regarded in ancient Egypt as a holy animal, but many traditions are still a symbol of good luck. Do you know the popular figure of the Japanese white cat? Gambling The maneki-neko is a traditional lucky charm, which the owner believes to bring good luck.

7 Faithful Animals Bring Good Fortune To The World

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